Group Tours and Retreats

Group Tours

Many tour groups choose to base themselves in Glastonbury, spending a part of their time experiencing the energy of Avalon with trips out to a variety of pilgrimage sites.

Glastonbury is centrally located to reach the major sites of Salisbury Plain with Stonehenge, Salisbury and the Avebury complex just an hour or so distant by coach or car. Equally, the area of Tintagel is two hours distant and sites close to Glastonbury include Stanton Drew, the largest stone circle after Avebury, and other Arthurian sites such as Cadbury Castle and the Glastonbury Zodiac.

At Pilgrims we have extensive experience of arranging all aspects of group tours including tour planning, arranging transport (including airport transfers) and sacred site entry. Tour Guides and ceremonialists can also be arranged.

Some tour leaders simply require transport arranging others leave us to suggest a tour itinerary and make all arrangements. Each tour is unique so it is best to contact us early in the planning stage. Pilgrims books up very early for the following year and it is best to check what dates we have available before publicising your tour or arranging flights.

Group Retreats


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