‘SongLife’ – A recorded musical healing journey


Pilgrims in association with Isle of Avalon Foundation are proud to host our good friends Dean Richards and MJ from Squamish Canada for what will be one of the greatest events of the Glastonbury calendar.

Some of you will have been fortunate enough to be present when MJ & Dean performed one of their unique sound healing sessions in Glastonbury in September 2011 and regular visitors to Pilgrims are probably fed up with Clare and I recounting the tale!

Regulars will also have heard their wonderful ‘Rising’ cd that often gets played here at Pilgrims and now is your opportunity to undergo a much deeper musical healing experience.

For those unfamiliar with the Shamanic sounds they create, we recommend visiting their site here and listening to some of the musical samples and videos. Also check out some of their You Tube content, including here.

Workshop details:


A recorded, musical healing journey

In this fun, empowering and meaningful workshop, you will connect with your intuition, transcend limiting beliefs, experience creative, transformative expression through sacred sounds, songs, chants & percussion, and participate in a collective digital recording which you can take home with you. No musical experience necessary!

On this course you will learn:

  • How to tap into your intuition and connect with your Higher Self
  • How to use basic sounding, toning, singing, and drumming skills
  • How to develop music improvising techniques
  • The gift of supporting and being supported by others in a co-creative process
  • The basics of the recording process
  • To develop your creativity & confidence, as well as decision-making skills

Tutor information:

Marie Josée Vermette (“MJ”) is an international Healing Artist. The extensive experience she brings to her sessions as a skilled facilitator, vocalist and hand drummer allows her therapeutic expertise to blend with her intuitive abilities to support profound transformation. MJ is also a Bodymind & Energy Therapy Practitioner, with specialised training in Sound Massage.

Dean Richards ~ Dean has been writing, recording, producing and performing internationally for over 20 years. His highest purpose is to connect with people at a deep level, using music as the conduit. His percussive zest, strong presence & natural charisma allow for fluid and intense rebalancing experiences.

To book your place contact:

The Isle ofAvalon Foundation
Tel 01458 833933
Email: office@isleofavalonfoundation.com

or you download a booking form from the IoAF website below.

A downloadable poster for the workshop including full booking details is obtainable by clicking SongLife Workshop Poster