‘QUEST FOR THE WEST’ – A Journey to the Megalithic, Celtic and Arthurian West

These exciting new events will be sacred tours with a big difference. In the hands of Ruud Borman, a Celtic expert who can place Glastonbury in a much bigger ancient landscape, this will be a journey of discovery as you venture to a number of sacred sites within the megalithic, Celtic and Arthurian West.

Be aware – this will be no ordinary ‘sacred tour’, here you will be discovering the history and origins within yourself.

In the words of Ruud:
‘Glastonbury is a perfect starting point for many beautiful trips to ancient landscapes with mysterious monuments like stone circles, barrows, Celtic hillforts and the remains of Arthurian sites. These have survived numerous ages and generations and become part of myths, fairytales and ghost stories. You will walk in the footprints of Celtic druids, Roman soldiers and knights of the Round Table and be dazzled by the abundance and magical impact of the visible and invisible past around you.
Discover and feel this old country and it will change you once and for all.’

Ruud Borman


* 7 nights accommodation at Pilgrims B&B in Glastonbury
* Tour guided by Celtic expert Ruud Borman
* Transport during the week
* Guided visits to a variety of sites in the Glastonbury area and further afield
* Free time in Glastonbury to follow your own interests.

Dates:     Arrival         Friday    9th April
Departure     Friday 16th April

Cost for the trip: GBP 540 (£540.00 (+£10.00 per night for single occupancy). Limited spaces available, book early to reserve your space.

The price excludes:
* Travel cost to Glastonbury
* Travel insurance
* Lunch and dinner
* Entry fees to Stonehenge and museums

Bookings and Information:     Contact RuudBorman@hotmail.com

For further information in Dutch please e-mail: RuudBorman@hotmail.com

To download a copy of the Quest For The West programme, please click here.

To download a text-only copy of the Quest For The West programme, please click here.



Friday April 9

Day of Arrival in Glastonbury – checking in at Pilgrims B&B


 Saturday April 10

Glastonbury:  We walk to the Chalice Well Gardens, where the waterfall runs red with the blood of the Holy Grail.

Then we will climb Glastonbury Tor, an outstanding hill in the landscape. On the summit is the ruined St. Michael tower and with beautiful views over the Somerset Levels.

We walk through the village to Wearyall Hill where Joseph of Arimathea landed with the grail and where he thrust his hawthorn staff into the ground where it blossomed into the glorious Holy Thorn tree.

The rest of the afternoon is free to take a look at Glastonbury’s beautiful shops or to relax in one of the historic pubs such as the George and Pilgrims (not to be missed!).


  Sunday April 11

We leave early for a one and a half hour drive to Woodhenge, which perhaps was a structure or the framework for a huge wooden building, constructed around 2300 BC. We’ll visit nearby Stonehenge, built as a temple and which forms part of a remarkable ancient landscape with hundreds of burial mounds clustered on surrounding hilltops.

After Stonehenge we’ll drive to Cadbury Castle, supposed site of King Arthur’s Camelot.


 Monday April 12

Glastonbury: We visit The Abbey, once the grandest and richest Abbey in England. The still impressive ruins are set in peaceful parkland. The Abbey grounds are the legendary burial place of King Arthur.

After that we can choose whether we’re going to see the Lake Village Museum, which gives a good impression of life in the Celtic village during the Iron Age, or the Rural Life Museum, one of the barns around Glastonbury which belonged to the abbey until 1538. Don’t forget the Glastonbury Experience where you can visit the Goddess Temple.

The afternoon is free to spend as you wish.


 Tuesday April 13

Avebury: Leaving early this will be a long day with a lot of walking so wear comfortable walking shoes.

Avebury is one of the largest and most impressive ritual ‘henge monuments’ in Britain, consisting of a massive, roughly circular earthwork. Within the bank is a flat bottomed ditch.

From the southern entrance to the circles, the West Kennet Avenue, lined by sarsens, ran to the Sanctuary on the old Ridgeway. We will walk the Avenue to the West Kennet Long Barrow.

After walking back for lunch at The Red Lion, Avebury’s famous pub, we will visit the Alexander Keiler Museum.

Finally we ride along Silbury Hill, one of the largest man-made mounds in all of prehistoric Europe.  This may have been a massive fertility figure, a pregnant womb to the Mother Goddess. 


Wednesday April 14

Today we will visit ancient sacred places in the levels and hills around Glastonbury including The Sweet Track. This ancient causeway is one of the oldest known engineered roads and is the oldest timber track way discovered in Northern Europe. From here you will have a stunning view of the Tor.

We will also visit Brent Knoll, an Iron Age hill fort. Before the Somerset levels were drained, Brent Knoll was an island.

The afternoon is free to do whatever you like. Maybe you want to go back to the Chalice Well Gardens, climb the Tor, visit the White Spring, go shopping, or take the bus to Wells with its Cathedral (10 min. drive from Glastonbury).


 Thursday April 15

We have a short drive to Priddy Nine Barrows, burial barrows from the Bronze Age which lie on the northern slopes of the Mendips. From there we go on to the Stanton Drew Stone Circles. Stanton Drew comprises three stone circles and a group of stones known as the Cove, near to the Druid’s Arms Inn.

The afternoon is free to relax and spend as you wish.


 Friday April 16

Day of departure


To download a copy of the Quest For The West programme, please click here.

To download a text-only copy of the Quest For The West programme, please click here.

To make a booking or for further information, please contact Ruud Borman by email: RuudBorman@hotmail.com

For further information in Dutch please e-mail to: RuudBorman@hotmail.com