Chants & Drums – Sound Healing Meditation

Some of you will have been fortunate enough to be present when MJ & Dean performed one of their unique sound healing sessions in Glastonbury in September 2011 and regular visitors to Pilgrims are probably fed up with Clare and I recounting the tale!

Regulars will also have heard their wonderful ‘Rising’ cd that often gets played here at Pilgrims.

For those unfamiliar with the Shamanic sounds they create, we recommend visiting their site here and listening to some of the musical samples and videos. Also check out some of their You Tube content, including here.

This event will be open to just a handful of lucky souls as it will be hosted here at Pilgrims, so if you wish to attend we recommend you contact us VERY soon :)

We also want to point you to the weekend workshop ‘SongLife’ that MJ & Dean are putting on that week. This will be an experience not to be missed. Details can be found here.

See the new Chants and Drums promo here.