Latest happenings at Pilgrims B&B and in Glastonbury

Marion cleansing Koko

Jessica & Ruud – The Handfasting of the year

Jessica and Ruud – Pics of the handfasting of the year

Have You Seen This Woman?

Have You Seen This Woman?

Believed kidnapped The Marion we know – last confirmed sighting at this handfasting.   Most recently spotted (believed to be a professional impersonator!)

Sue (modelling one of the amazing shawls she makes)

The end of the spiral

It makes us aware that we have been at Pilgrims almost a year now. Our very first guests a year ago were on the first weekend of their Priestess of Avalon Training. This was the dedication weekend at the end of their first spiral. Well done all!

Cassablanca Moments

Cassablanca Moments

We’ll always have Fuerta Ventura …… Of all the bars in all the world ….. (.. why did these two have to choose mine!?!)

Tristan Henry Storm Fletcher was born at home on friday 11/09/09 at 1045 weighing 8lb 2 1/2 oz!!

Well done Kate!!!!

Goddess Blessings from all at Pilgrims and all who know her go to our great friend Kate! Kate’s son Tristan Henry Storm Fletcher was born at home on Friday 11/09/09 at 1045 weighing 8lb 2 1/2 oz!!

Goddess Conference 09 – ‘Norbins Road Crew’

Goddess Conference 09 – ‘Norbins Road Crew’

Tree Faery

Tree Faery at Avebury

This is from a mad day out to Avebury and Stonehenge during Goddess Conference week. Sue, Gail, Gillian and I set off one afternoon and …… arrived back some time later! (Does anyone have high resolution versions of the rest of the photos?)

Stonehenge Summer Solstice Sunset 2009

Stonehenge Sunset 2009

Some more photos from our friend Mary C, (see her amazing Tor Faerie photos posted last month!). These beautiful Stonehenge shots were taken in the week of the Summer Solstice 2009.

Faerie on the Tor

Faerie on the Tor

Our lovely new friend Mary came to stay recently and was somewhat drawn to the Tor! She sent us these photographs she had taken on the visit. She had felt a presence that day but was as surprised as we were to see the results on film - they are amazing!

Inside The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is now fully operational

Set in a secluded location within the gardens at Pilgrims, The Sanctuary is a room available for private or group meditation by our guests. The Sanctuary is also available for healing and therapy sessions and is equipped with a professional massage table.