Latest happenings at Pilgrims B&B and in Glastonbury

Orbs are like buses ...

Clare’s visit to St. Nectan’s Glen

In the company of Stephanie and Kathy, two of our lovely guests, I finally got the opportunity to visit St. Nectan’s Glen last week. It was an amazing experience which I can’t put in writing here, but I wanted to share with you all the fantastic orb-filled photographs we took.

The Pilgrims Family

Our First Year At Pilgrims!

On Wednesday 28th October it was exactly one year to the day since we moved in!

A Core Crew Moment

Suzi’s Birthday Bash

A typical evening at Pilgrims – Suzi didn’t have time to change out of her work gear, but she did consent to wear a party hat over her work one.

The Garden Angels

The Garden Angels

On the weekend of 23rd – 25th October, a party of Garden Angels complete with tools and beer arrived and in one weekend restored the garden back to the glory it knew under Koko’s care.

Treatments & Therapies pages being revamped

We have currently taken down our Treatments and Therapies pages. We will be reviewing the offerings over the next few weeks, revamping the pages to reflect a new and even more exciting set of activities. Keep an eye out.

What is Vanda doing?

A new year of Priestess training begins!

Another reminder that we have been here almost a year. This was the first weekend of the third spiral of Priestess of Avalon Training. Still can’t get used to them not being second-years! From left to right, Suzi, David, Gwyneth, Vanda & Louisa.

Website update!

After a very busy summer we have finally managed to bring the website back up to date – so much for blogging!  Please check out the News section and if you have any feedback – especially photos of the Goddess Conference or the Faery Ball then could you please offer them? You can get in Read more …

Well-Being Weekend Retreat March 2010

This event is SOLD-OUT but we are repeating it in May and September.

Karl Koko & Nina, Invigilators

Our first Pilgrims retreat – the results!

The weekend of 25th – 27th September saw our first retreat run at Pilgrims. ‘The Well-Being Weekend’ organised and led by Karl and Nina De Lisser saw some 11 participants undertaking a variety of activities – but the weekend is best described by Karl:

Summer explored under the cooker!

Summer found a cobweb!