Latest happenings at Pilgrims B&B and in Glastonbury

I'd like to be trouble  - but I can't stay awake long enough!

Sparkie Comes To Town

Sparkie rolled into town this week in the company of a couple of minders. We just had to take a pic and put it up here as the Sparkie Fan Club are always asking for more.

So long, and thanks for all the fish ...

The End Of An Era

Suzi finally had to leave for Hampshire. We’ll all miss her but don’t worry, she’ll be back in the Spring.

Orbs are like buses ...

Clare’s visit to St. Nectan’s Glen

In the company of Stephanie and Kathy, two of our lovely guests, I finally got the opportunity to visit St. Nectan’s Glen last week. It was an amazing experience which I can’t put in writing here, but I wanted to share with you all the fantastic orb-filled photographs we took.

The Pilgrims Family

Our First Year At Pilgrims!

On Wednesday 28th October it was exactly one year to the day since we moved in!

A Core Crew Moment

Suzi’s Birthday Bash

A typical evening at Pilgrims – Suzi didn’t have time to change out of her work gear, but she did consent to wear a party hat over her work one.

The Garden Angels

The Garden Angels

On the weekend of 23rd – 25th October, a party of Garden Angels complete with tools and beer arrived and in one weekend restored the garden back to the glory it knew under Koko’s care.

Treatments & Therapies pages being revamped

We have currently taken down our Treatments and Therapies pages. We will be reviewing the offerings over the next few weeks, revamping the pages to reflect a new and even more exciting set of activities. Keep an eye out.

What is Vanda doing?

A new year of Priestess training begins!

Another reminder that we have been here almost a year. This was the first weekend of the third spiral of Priestess of Avalon Training. Still can’t get used to them not being second-years! From left to right, Suzi, David, Gwyneth, Vanda & Louisa.

Website update!

After a very busy summer we have finally managed to bring the website back up to date – so much for blogging!  Please check out the News section and if you have any feedback – especially photos of the Goddess Conference or the Faery Ball then could you please offer them? You can get in Read more …

Well-Being Weekend Retreat March 2010

This event is SOLD-OUT but we are repeating it in May and September.