Dexter's (Occasional) Diary

I love camping

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Monday December 6th

'd just like to thank, my agent, my family for being so supportive, the fishmonger, the butcher .....

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Wednesday November 10th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Tuesday August 24th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Tuesday August 24th

Big news! I officially have my own page on the site now! Dexter’s Occasional Diary. You can find it under the News section (or click here). About time I think – but it does mean I have to write something soon!

Another lovely day - good of them to put this bench here for me.

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Saturday June 12th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Saturday May 15th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Saturday May 15th

Saturday…….. It was hot ……. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Thursday May 13th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Thursday May 13th

Thursday. Today (between sleeps), I will be mostly observing. I can see you but you can’t see me!

Hands off! that's my cake!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – My Birthday!

It’s official! My birthday is May 8th, or maybe May 9th – we’re not too sure so we had a birthday party both days ( I insisted!). They have also established that I am 9 years old (and not a kitten as some thought). I of course already knew this – they only had to Read more …

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – 23rd December 2009

Yesterday they left me overnight on my own for the first time – it was very lonely so I had to drag some friends along to keep me company!  

If I watch this empty food bowl for long enough ......

Dexter takes up permanent residence

As many of you send us messages asking after Dexter, (although he never actually lived here!), we thought you’d like to know that after patiently camping out on the doorstep for many months, Dexter has now taken up permanent residence with us. Here is the first of his publicity shots and he wants you to know that he’s Read more …