Dexter's (Occasional) Diary

Majma Cat

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – March 6th 2011

Hurry up with that photo, I've got beds to visit!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – February 23rd 2011

What's with the camera - you can't see me!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – February 8th 2011

Warm. Sleeps. Winter has its advantages!

Dexter’s Occasional Diary – January 3rd 2011

The great thing about guests is they have nice clothes to lie on ...

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – January 1st 2011

I love camping

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Monday December 6th

'd just like to thank, my agent, my family for being so supportive, the fishmonger, the butcher .....

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Wednesday November 10th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Tuesday August 24th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Tuesday August 24th

Big news! I officially have my own page on the site now! Dexter’s Occasional Diary. You can find it under the News section (or click here). About time I think – but it does mean I have to write something soon!

Another lovely day - good of them to put this bench here for me.

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Saturday June 12th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Saturday May 15th

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Saturday May 15th

Saturday…….. It was hot ……. zzzzzzzzzzzzz