Dexter's (Occasional) Diary

I think I can reach this bit ...

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – June 15th 2011

Whilst Glastonbury Festival boomed on ….. I enjoyed something more pastoral.                                                  

Bill & Ben (and Me)!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – May 16th 2011

I smell a rat ...

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – May 1st 2011

The last rays of the day

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – April 6th 2011

It was the hottest day of the year so far – 22 degrees here! They went out for afternoon tea at Sharpham (but I’m sure they’ll tell you all about that!). I’ve been sunning myself instead – far too good an opportunity to waste and now I’m just catching the last of the rays, which Read more …

The sunniest spot can be anywhere!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – March 18th 2011

Now all that cold and wet weather seems to be over, at least it was today, I have to take advantage and revert to my normal sun-worshiping self! The problem is that the sunny spot can be just anywhere! (and no waiters in sight!)

Hello Old Friend - Really Good To See You Once Again!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – March 6th 2011

Hurry up with that photo, I've got beds to visit!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – February 23rd 2011

What's with the camera - you can't see me!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – February 8th 2011

Warm. Sleeps. Winter has its advantages!

Dexter’s Occasional Diary – January 3rd 2011

The great thing about guests is they have nice clothes to lie on ...

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – January 1st 2011