Dexter's (Occasional) Diary

I know I haven't had breakfast yet - but this is the first sunshine in weeks!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – May 12th 2012


I wonder if they are up yet ... ?

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – May 8th 2012

STOP PRESS!!!! Today it is my 11th birthday!! All cards care of Pilgrims please ….. To celebrate this event I have decided to put up several pictures of my birthday morning.

Be very afraid! My paws are quicker (and sharper) than your hands ...

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Feb 3rd 2012

Russian Roulette ….

It may be winter, but there's still some rays to catch!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Nov 8th 2011


Musical Statues

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Oct 8th 2011


Move your hand you're blocking the sun!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – Sept 10th 2011

I look so good in these shots I thought I’d post all of them ….

The dappled light of England! (makes for great sleeps)

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – August 23rd 2011


Oi! I came down here for some peace and quiet!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – August 6th 2011

Talk to the paw! - no fish no photos!

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – July 20th 2011

Today this is my protest blog …

Please Sir! Can I have some more?

Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – July 1st 2011