URGENT – Your healer needs YOU! (Latest)

Lord Dexter needs YOU!










From his Lordship’s Ambassador:

People have been asking to be kept informed of Dexter’s progress during this worrying time.


16th April
When he ceased to eat on Wednesday we took him to the V.E.T. (“not a close friend!” – Lord D.) who gave him an antibiotic jab. Following this he just slept but rallied a little.

17th April
He had still not eaten so we took him back to the V.E.T. (“who is becoming less of a friend as the days go by!!” – Lord D.) This time he was given blood tests and sent home with more antibiotics.

Despite his poor state, Dexter continues to carry out his healing role for others but we ask you at this time to send your healing thoughts and prayers to him in return for all the help he has given to others and we will be passing these on to him.

19th April
Lord D. is much more his normal self, spending time in the garden, waking up all the guests for breakfast etc. He has yet to regain his voice however and is not yet eating much, but just enough to take his medicines (“actually because I like the fresh chicken I am being given!” – Lord D.)

20th April
Although he has yet to regain his voice, this morning Dexter was waiting for the household to get up so that he could have breakfast; (“no – still remembering that fresh chicken experience from last night!” – Lord D.) 

22nd April GOOD NEWS!
Dexter has regained his voice, is eating again and woke everyone up for breakfast this morning and insisted on guests opening the back door for him at frequent intervals –  so apart from regaining his routine I think we can say he is back to normal.

Thank you for all your lovely messages to Himself – they have certainly got him through.

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