The Hiroshima Peace Flame

The Hiroshima Peace Flame was lit from the atomic fires of Hiroshima in 1945 and has been kept burning ever since as a symbol of remembrance, forgiveness, healing, transformation and ultimately, Unity.

It was lit from the burning embers of the explosion which killed approximately 140,000 people on 6th August 1945, by a grandmother who had lost most of her family in that explosion. She then sat with the flame on her Buddhist altar for many years as she went through her own process of grieving and finding forgiveness. Eventually other local people heard about the flame and wished to sit with it, then the press heard about it, and now it burns in the Hiroshima Memorial Park, and flames lit from it burn all over the world. The idea behind the Peace Flame is that it will be kept alight until all nuclear weapons have gone from the face of the earth.

This particular flame has been burning in Glastonbury for 8 years now and every summer it is the centre of The Peace Dome -a Unity or meditation space which is taken to various Festivals.