Spring is definitely here!

Spring is here - the clematis is flowering

In case we had any nagging doubts, spring has definitely come to the Pilgrims garden. The clematis is covered in flowers, the passion flower has new foliage coming and the Japanese Jasmin is turning to its summer colour.

Graham has done a great job on the garden over the winter, building on the work of the Garden Angels 18 months ago – the garden will be looking stunning this summer. The only casualty we can find is the bay tree which was severely hit by the frost. Graham has removed the dead wood and we are pretty confident it will come back ok.

Spring comes to the faery garden

Spring comes to the faery garden

Pilgrims spring flowers

Pilgrims Magnolia In Flower

Every year we mean to get a photograph of the magnificent Pilgrims Magnolia in bloom but until now we have always failed. There are some more pictures of the magnolia here.