Peter The Pilgrim

It has been our great privilege for the past 3 days to host ‘Peter the Pilgrim’. Peter is walking to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Not that unusual you may think for someone in Glastonbury to be walking the ‘Camino’?

This would be true but Peter is starting from Buckinghamshire, walking 260 miles to Cornwall, then over over 700 miles across France and over 500 miles across Spain. In total more than 1500 miles.

Add to this that Peter is 70 years old and a suffer from Parkinson’s, making each stage of his journey more challenging.

Peter aims to raise over £250,000 to help towards research into Parkinsons as well as providing respite care to give carers a break.

Follow this amazing journey over the next few months on Peter’s blog, a link to which can be found here¬†where you can also contribute to his cause via a donation link..