Megalithomania 2012

“All this excitement about a collection of battered old rocks and mounds of earth must be puzzling to those who have yet had no direct experience of Megalithomania” - John Michell, 1982

An annual conference at which an international line-up of explorers, researchers, authors and mystics help open up the enigma of the megaliths.

The dates of the next Glastonbury conference will be 12th and 13th May 2012, with speakers including Michael Cremo, Robin Heath, Klaus Dona, Sig Lonegren, Brien Foerster, Bob Trubshaw, John Neal, Meghan Rice, Andrew Gough, Kate Masters, Hugh Newman and special guests. Plus tours to Dartmoor, Avebury, Stonehenge (private access) and around the sacred landscape of Glastonbury.

Location Glastonbury Assembly Rooms

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