‘Light Up the Tor’ photos

This was one of those rare and amazing events where the whole town came together. We don’t know the final number of people yet but we’ve heard estimates of several thousand people.

The evening started with a procession from St. John’s Church to the Tor. Due to the number of people involved this took quite some time. Apart from the beauty of the community nature of the event we also had much magic that night. By the time the end of the procession reach the Tor summit the Jubilee Beacon was all but out – however these people were greeted by the true beacon, a stunning Full Moon that hung in the sky to bless the event. We were also privileged to be surrounded by many Orbs on the procession.

I’m afraid our photographs really do not do this event justice but hopefully they are evocative of that night:

Gathering at St. John's


Procession heads up the High Street


The Procession in Chilkwell Street


Orbs appear around the foot of the Tour


The vigil fire at the Tor base


Pilgrimage up the Tor 1



Pilgrimage up the Tor 2


The labyrinth flares surrounding the Tor


The Full Moon 'beacon' greeting Pilgrims at the summit


Glastonbury viewed from Avalon