Healing Messages to Dexter Wednesday 16th

Hands off! that's my cake!

and I send prayers for Dexter! I was just talking about him to my sister this weekend!

Poor Dexter – feel better soon little buddy! xxx

Please give him lots of gentle hugs from me, luv lots n many angel blessings Dexy xxxxx

Feel better soon Dexter xxx

Poor Dexter!!

lots of love to all of you, hope he’ll recover soon

Lots of love to Dexter. And to both of you too. Xx

Get well soon Dexter. X

Oh no  lots of love to poor old Dexter. Lovely lovely tom he is. Big cuddles xx

Lots of love for all of you!

added him to our healing link xx

Healing sent hun xx

Lots of love to Dexter xxxx

Sending dexter lots of love xx

We sent Dexter our thoughts during meditation tonight. Love to you all xxx


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