Healing Messages to Dexter Thursday 17th


Feed Me Seymour!

Get well Dexter, my snuggly holiday puss.

Good to hear.

Love to all of you and healing to Dexter. xx

Ah hopefully he’l feel better soon. With all the tlc he is getting from you all.

Poor Dexter hope the 3 of you will feel better soon! Love from us!

Oh no! Please get better, Dexter. I know he is is great hands.

Oh no, poor Dexter- Pexter! I hope he perks up soon.

I hope you all feel better very soon

Oooh baby Dex! Do let your humans take care of you! You must be better for our visit! Its not the same without you a-creeping in in the night for a snooze on my bed! Mews and licks to you furry one xx


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