Healing Messages to Dexter Saturday 19th

I'm feelin a LITTLE BIT better!

Please give lovely Dexter a good smooch from me. Dexter rocks! Xx

Tell Dexter he has to rest and sleep a lot, enjoy gentle cuddles and to start miaowing again when he’s better. Lots of love to you all. Penx

poor dexter, get well soon x

Ear scratches to Dexter. Feel better soon, fur baby.

Omg not Dexter going down as well?! Who will manage the B&B now?

Happy Easter to you all. Nice to hear Dexter is feeling better. How are you two doing. Hope the same?

Thank you for sharing this news. Deb and I will be there soon to tell him ourselves how glad we are that he is feeing better. Hopefully you and Brian are fairing better as well!!!


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