Healing Messages to Dexter Friday 18th

From Valerie Christophe Romain Majma 2011

Hello Old Friend - Really Good To See You Once Again!

“Wow should seems like dexter has a bro here in Norway. They look so simular. Get well and we will miow for you overseas/aboard.”

“Poor dexter!! Lots of snuggles!”

“Get bedre soon… UFF dexter… I miow for you !!!! Love to all of you.”

“look our little prince :) Hope he can welcome us miow again in May :) Blessings from the Netherlands xxx”

“Thank you for this – we will continue to follow the updates as we anticipate our visit! Susan and I cannot wait to see you both, and be doorwomen for Dexter’s in-and-out whims!”

“Hope dexter feelin better soon Alisha said can u give him a kiss from her xx”

“Get well soon Dexter. X”

“Lots of love to Dexter xxxx”

“Oh no :( lots of love to poor old Dexter. Lovely lovely tom he is. Big cuddles xx”

“Poor Dexter! I hope you all feel better very soon”

“Feel better soon Dexter xxx”

“Poor Dexter!!”

“Healing sent hunxx”

“lots of love to all of you, hope he’ll recover soon <3″

“Lots of love to Dexter. And to both of you too. Xx”


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