Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Garden Project

A medieval kitchen garden in the style once seen hundreds of years ago at Glastonbury Abbey is to be recreated.

Centuries ago the abbey would have grown its own produce for use within the Abbot’s Kitchen which catered for the abbot and his high-status guests such as the Royal family of the time as well as to feed the monks and employees.

The garden will be created from an area which is currently overgrown and will be next to the current herb garden on the edge of the orchard.

People are wanted to help with the initiative which aims to create a garden similar to that which existed at the abbey.

The project has secured funding from Somerset Skills and Learning with the following courses available for individuals.

Hurdle Making

Saturday 25th February 2017

This course is part of our project to recreate a medieval garden and will be delivered offsite by Musgrove Willows, and it is hoped to create 20 willow hurdle panels as part of a fence surrounding the medieval garden, over the 2 courses.

Experience Medieval Carpentry and Build a Bird Box

Wednesday 29th March 2017

Carpentry was an essential job relating to all areas of medieval life, from great Abbeys to humble farmyards and everything between. On this course you will learn essential carpentry skills that have remained unchanged from the medieval period. You will also learn about the life and role of a medieval carpenter. By the end of the day you will have used these skills to create a bird box that is yours to take home! This course is part of our Medieval Kitchen Garden project.

Planting the Medieval Kitchen Garden

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

This course is part of our project to recreate a medieval garden and will be using plants which have been chosen for their medieval heritage, grown by the Grounds team at the abbey to complete the first stage of the project. There will be a talk on the differences between medieval gardening and our contemporary equivalent.

To register interest in the courses call Marcelle Bacchus, the abbey’s project manager, on 01458 832267. Courses are free for adults 19+ with a ¬£10 refundable deposit.

For more information follow the project blog here