Dexter’s (Occasional) Diary – My Birthday!

It’s official! My birthday is May 8th, or maybe May 9th – we’re not too sure so we had a birthday party both days ( I insisted!).

They have also established that I am 9 years old (and not a kitten as some thought). I of course already knew this – they only had to ask!!

It just happened to coincide with Karl and Nina’s Wellbeing retreat so I invited them for cake.

Hands off! That's MY cake!

Being 9 years old they thought I should have my own key to the door – I pointed out that I have paws (and no pockets) so they gave me my own door instead!

I still prefer them to let me in and out - it's only fitting!

Now a door is one thing (and useful it can be when I can’t wake them up to let me out), but there is nothing like snuggling in your den after a night out prowling! Anyway, I deserve it, it’s my birthday!!

Dexter's Den