Past Local Events

These are some of the events that have recently been held in and around Glastonbury and publicised by Pilgrims.

Glastonbury Abbey – Friday Family Fun

Make and paint a shield 11am to 1pm. Normal Admission Applies

Royal Bath & West Show 2017

Annual agricultural show close to Glastonbury with events, entertainment and education for all the family. The show includes the British Cheese Awards, The British Cider Championships and a celebration of all things equine!

Glastonbury PLG ‘Getting to know, love and trust our Inner Feminine Wisdom’ – with Lasare Maloney

In this talk, Lasare Maloney, will discuss how to work with our emotional states. She will inspire you to learn to trust and understand your emotional guidance system, the role it plays in actively generating the life that you live and how to be more playful and empowered with the way you feel.

Glastonbury Abbey – Bank Holiday Family Activity

Spend the Bank Holiday decorating flower biscuits – in the museum. 11am to 1pm Normal Admission Applies

PRC Talk ‘A Glastonbury Experience – An Initiatory Process’ with Morgana West

Join Morgana West on an exploratory journey through the initiatory stages of ‘A Glastonbury Experience’, the phrase often ascribed to the turbulent period that might occur soon after we have been drawn to live in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Practical Ascension’ – with Tim Whild

Tim Whild is returning to Glastonbury with a high frequency talk on Practical Ascension. Tim will be leading us through several meditations/visualisations to raise our frequency and fully activate our 12 ascension chakras. He will also explain how simple it is to maintain this vibration even through challenging periods.

Glastonbury Abbey – Abbey Wildlife Tour

Enjoy a Wildlife Tour of the abbey with one of the volunteers and discover the creatures who share the site. Normal admission applies.

Megalithomania 2017

The 2017 Megalithomania Conference is taking place at the Glastonbury Town Hall on 20th & 21st May. It is a two-day event with optional tours on 19th, 22nd, 23rd & 24th. Early-bird tickets available from the web-site.

Somerset Day

2017 sees the first celebration of Somerset Day. Somerset Day will take place on 11 May, in honour of King Alfred the Great. In 878, Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, gathered “all the people of Somerset” to march against and defeat the invading Viking army. By the time of his death he had become the Read more …

Glastonbury PLG ‘The Journey of the Eight Elements’ – with Ranchor Prime

In the 1960s Ranchor Prime left home to find God. Feeling the sense of lost identity he entered a great stillness and emptiness, which lead him deeply towards nature and spirit. In this beautiful book, ‘The Journey of The Eight Elements’ he reflects on his journey and, one by one, introduces the reader to the eight elements of ancient Hindu cosmology.