Past Local Events

These are some of the events that have recently been held in and around Glastonbury and publicised by Pilgrims.

PRC Talk ‘Mysterium Artorius: Arthurian Grail Glastonbury studies’ with Paul Weston

A series of self-contained but connected presentations from the book Mysterium Artorius.
Session 3: ‘The Twelfth Century Grail Epoch’.
The historical cultural backdrop to the emergence of Arthur as European superstar and the production of the Grail romances is extraordinary. Paul will focus on what he calls ‘Grail culture’ rather than the claims of any particular artefact or bloodline, with the sense that this is something available to everyone rather than just a small select group.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Introduction to Iridology’ – A talk by Alan Payne

Looking closely at the iris in someone’s eye you will see a pattern of colours, textures and markings unique to that person. Together these features form a map, a blueprint, which gives an iridologist valuable information about a person’s inherited strengths and weaknesses and general state of well-being.

PRC Talk ‘An Alchemical Journey’ with James North

Session 5: ‘Rekindling the Fire – The Revival of Laboratory Alchemy’.
What actually is alchemy? ‘An Alchemical Journey’ is a series of 6 stand alone themed talks that will introduce us to this fascinating subject. Conventional historians normally see alchemy is only an unscientific prelude to chemistry, while Carl Jung thought alchemy was a purely inner process. But most of the great alchemists didn’t separate spirit from matter. They performed the intense operations of the Work in the laboratory, but knew that these processes must also be going on in the ‘inner laboratory’ of the soul and spirit. In this fifth talk James will go deeper into the nitty gritty of medieval laboratory. Working with pictures of the alchemist at work, we will see how knowing how the athanor, balneum maris, or pelican were used is important – not just to see how expert they were at complex chemical operations, but because the tools of the laboratory have exact spiritual equivalents. We will also touch on the revival of herbal and mineral alchemy in modern times.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Consciousness and Mainstream Music’ – A talk by Mark Devlin

Mark considers how A-list artists in the mainstream music industry are used to manipulate and mind-control the masses in line with a much larger agenda.

‘Planetary Angels. Do’s and Dont’s. A guide to using Angels in planetary Magic, focusing on Agrippa and Trithemius’ – A talk by Sef Salem

Sef will take those attending, through the seven planetary Archangels – how and when to seek contact with them, and why an Angel is not the key to everything. By the end of the evening, every one present should have a way to begin working with these powerful forces.

Glastonbury PLG ‘The Mysterious Powers of Music’ – A talk by John Harp Dalton

Why is music different from the other arts? Why does it exert such an immediate effect on people, even babies in the womb? In this talk harpist and speaker John Dalton will explain some ancient beliefs about the music of the spheres and divine order.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Kailash Axis Mundi’ – A talk by Angela Long

Angela will be discussing the reasons why sacred Mt Kailash is crucially important today in respect to both its esoteric and exoteric nature.

PRC Talk ‘The Passing of the Flame – Dion Fortune, W.E. Butler & the Way of High Magic’ with Ian Rees

Session 5: ‘Piercing the veil Paroketh’.
‘The Passing of the Flame’ is a series of 8 themed but standalone talks taking the major themes of Dion Fortune’s work and exploring them as expressed through the work of W.E. Butler and Tom Oloman. The Veil Paroketh is the filter between the deeper aspect of our nature and our outer personality. In this fifth talk of the series Ian will address our relationship with intuition and inner guidance. He will also consider the alchemical path of the arrow, confronting the shadow and working with the energy of death as we part the veil.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Making Synchronicity Happen’ – A talk by Paul Weston

The strange manifestation of meaningful coincidences is one of the most exciting and entertaining signs that the inner journey is switched on. Paul will explain what could be termed types of what Jung famously called Synchronicity in order to assess their level of importance.

PRC Talk ‘An Alchemical Journey’ with James North

Session 4: ‘Alchemy, Spirituality and Psychology – How the Art was Reborn in the 20th Century’.
What actually is alchemy? ‘An Alchemical Journey’ is a series of 6 stand alone themed talks that will introduce us to this fascinating subject. The great psychologist Carl Jung was fascinated by alchemy. Although he did not accept the main claims and practices of some of the great alchemists, Jung saw alchemy as reflecting deep truths about the human psyche. In this fourth talk James considers that Jung was far from the first to see the spiritual value in alchemy. Jewish Kabbalists, Christian monks and Rosicrucians, Muslim Sufis, as well as the great alchemists of the East, all left profound teachings on the spiritual meaning of alchemy. In this session, we will go deeper into the meaning of spiritual alchemy. As well as looking at the New Age revival of interest in alchemy, we will begin practical work with some of the powerful seed images of the tradition.