Past Local Events

These are some of the events that have recently been held in and around Glastonbury and publicised by Pilgrims.

Glastonbury PLG ‘The Science of Sound Healing’ – A talk by Jen Wilson

A talk on the latest cutting edge information on sound healing within the body, using quartz crystal singing bowls and harmonic frequencies. The talk will be followed by a demonstration of crystal singing bowls in Solfeggio frequencies 528Hz and 396Hz and the harmonically resonant 432Hz.

Glastonbury Abbey presents ‘Joglaresa – Merriment & Misrule’

The rebellious Joglaresa bring their sparkling subversion to Yuletide – amongst Medieval, Tudor and folk carols they perform medieval parodies celebrating wine and ale; songs from the C16th Piae Cantiones and their very own version of The Boar’s Head in Hande Bear I.

The Bluebirds present The Christmas Mysteries – Glastonbury Abbey, The Abbot’s Kitchen

The Christmas Mysteries is a family show with classical singing, a live band and live animals. It’s a modern adaptation of the mystery plays based on the nativity. Expect a headstrong Mary, mad-cap shepherds, a bit of sheep-theft and plenty of lively humour. Come and meet the real live donkey and join in the story!

Glastonbury PLG ‘Divinicus’ – A talk by Chris Bourne

Humanity has been enslaved within a controlling intervention, that we all know. But just how deep does the rabbit hole go? How are we being influenced at the deepest levels of our consciousness?

Churchill Singers Christmas Carol Concert – Glastonbury Abbey Abbott’s Kitchen

Under the direction of conductor, Michael Taylor, the Churchill Singers will be sharing with you their programme of Christmas music.

PRC Talk ‘The Secret Language of Esoteric Christianity’ with Silent Eye School of Consciousness

This talk will examine the views that G.I, Gurdjieff, the founder of what became known as the Fourth Way, and some of his foremost followers, such as Maurice Nicoll, had about the wonderful inner meanings of the Gospels and their power to reach into the heart and mind of modern man, in a way that is timeless – as long as one possesses the keys to the language.

PRC Talk ‘The Passing of the Flame – Dion Fortune, W.E. Butler & the Way of High Magic’ with Ian Rees

Session 3: ‘Making a Foundation’.
‘The Passing of the Flame’ is a series of 8 themed but standalone talks taking the major themes of Dion Fortune’s work and exploring them as expressed through the work of W.E. Butler and Tom Oloman. In this third talk the art of working with magical images is addressed and the alchemical practices of the Interwoven Light which weave a strong energetic basis for later work, are introduced. The Sefirah Yesod, the Foundation of the Tree, will be our focus.

Glastonbury Frost Fayre

A Glastonbury favourite. High-street closed to traffic, 3 stages of music, lantern parade, free Abbey entry and a High Street full of interesting stalls. Chris Jagger and band will open the proceedings at 12pm. Click on the title above for fuller details.

Glastonbury PLG ‘A Conspiracy History of the World’ – A talk by Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas explores an intriguing alternative history of humankind, as seen through the eyes of those who question the establishment version of events.

PRC Talk ‘An Alchemical Journey’ with James North

Session 3: ‘The History of Alchemy – Mother of Chemistry and Key to the Inner Realm’.
What actually is alchemy? ‘An Alchemical Journey’ is a series of 6 stand alone themed talks that will introduce us to this fascinating subject. Alchemists have always drawn inspiration from great Masters of the Art. Many of these were experts in medicine, science or theology as well as masters of physical and spiritual chemistry. In this third talk James introduces the lineage of alchemical adepts and students, from Hermes Trismegistus to Sir Isaac Newton. By looking at their lives and teachings we can begin to make our own connection with the tradition.