Past Local Events

These are some of the events that have recently been held in and around Glastonbury and publicised by Pilgrims.

Mind Body & Spirit Festival

Glastonbury Town Hall, Admission 50p.
Readers and therapists from around the country, stalls and refreshments.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Wireless Technology – Friend or Foe?’ – A talk by Peter Gane

This is a question I look forward to discussing with you and sharing my experiences. Most of us want to live a joyous, fulfilled life, helping others where we can along the way. This ideal, however, is virtually impossible for the increasing numbers of people who are developing electro-hypersensitivity, or indeed any illness caused or Read more …

The Glastonbury UFO Conference – Glastonbury Assembly Rooms

Buy a ticket just for the conference day itself, purchase the higher tiered ticket which includes chartered coach travel transporting you to the 50th Anniversary Sky watch at Cradle Hill, or you can attend this using your own transport.

Glastonbury Abbey – The Festival Players Theatre Company perform MacBeth

The Festival Players are back for another year, this time with MacBeth – Shakespeare’s story of a Scottish general who is encouraged by a prophecy from a trio of witches that he will one day become King of Scotland. Little does he know, his reign will turn into one of tyranny, bloodbaths and war.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Mediumship through the Ages’ – A talk by Marcus Burnett

Marcus will be describing what it is like to be a medium and live a life close to spirit.   He will talk of its many changes through history and its changing relationship with science and society.   Outlining its many forms and facets, he will describe how to explore one’s own psychic and mediumistic potential.   To Read more …

Mid Somerset Show 2014 (Shepton Mallet)

Reputed to be the largest free one-day agricultural show in Europe. Ever growing the 2014 show will comprise Horse and Show Jumping, a Livestock section, the Classic Vintage and Steam field, the Cheese cider and eggs tent and the fodder and fleece section which will this year include demonstrations from the Glastonbury Spinners. Full details Read more …

Glastonbury PLG ‘Awaken the Smell Within: The Magical Healing Power of Smell and Essential Oils’ – A talk by Gareth Despres

The purpose of this talk is to enhance people’s knowledge, wonder and interest in these amazing gifts of nature, to enthuse people to go away and find out more about them and to encourage people to use them simply and effectively at home by giving some really useful but practical tips.   There will also be Read more …

PRC Talk ‘The Song in the Silence’ with the Silent Eye School of Consciousness

‘The Architecture of the Soul – Approaching the mystery together’
The Silent Eye is a modern Mystery School and offers a unique path to self discovery and development using a combination of esoteric psychology and magical guided journeys. The evening will be largely unscripted and will rely on interaction between us all to produce a rich and personal experience.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Clairvoyance and Trance’ – A talk by Jenny Ann

enny Ann is a clairvoyant medium based in Glastonbury for private readings, healing and spiritual teaching. Her work as a medium takes her to many spiritual venues around the UK.   She has appeared on both TV and radio. Her work is inspired by her Romany ancestry.   As a trance medium, many of those working with Read more …

Glastonbury Abbey – Rain or Shine Theatre Company perform Treasure Island

Rain or Shine is back this summer to present the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, adapted for the stage by James Reynard.