Past Local Events

These are some of the events that have recently been held in and around Glastonbury and publicised by Pilgrims.

Homo Divinicus: The Shape Of Things To Come – a PLG evening

Chris will be talking about the next evolution for mankind – what he believes will be “Homo Divinicus”

The Jesus Tradition as a Way of Mystery

Led by Simon Small, a series of 8 monthly talks. Talk 4: ‘Kenosis’

Each session will consist of a talk, a related experiential practice, followed by opportunity for questions and discussion

Free entry to Chalice Well Gardens

On Christmas and Boxing Day each year the gardens are open to all, free of charge. Please take this opportunity to come and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

2012: Alchemy Of The Personal And Universal – A PLG evening

Presented by Paul Weston. Whilst writing about 2012 for his new book Aquarian Phoenix during the course of the long-heralded year, Paul has experienced remarkable synchronisation between the creativity necessary for such a task, his personal life, which has included the death of his mother and a trip to Mexico for the Quetzalcoatl new moon Read more …

Glastonbury Frost Fayre 2012

Glastonbury Frost Fayre will be on Saturday 15th December 2012 from 11am to 8pm.

New Moon Healing – Goddess Temple

Come and receive healing from the Priestesses, Priests and Melissas of the Goddess Temple. Just turn up, no need to book. £5 suggested minimum donation. Goddess Temple. 2- 4pm

12.12.12 Ceremony – Isle of Avalon Foundation

Harry Nichols and Kathy Welter-Nichols from Mastery of Deep Trance States offer 1 magical night of ceremony on the 12:12:12 alignment.

Earthing – The Most Important Discovery Ever? – A PLG evening

Glastonbury Positive Living Group presents Diane Egby-Edwards who will discuss the topic of ‘Earthing’ We’re all concerned about electrical waves from such devices as mobile phones, routers, and now smart meters (find out at the talk). An amazing, simple discovery offers you the way to address these problems. It’s called Earthing. Not only can it reduce Read more …

Eat, Drink and Be Merry – The Holistic Approach! a PLG evening

Helen Weldon presents a whistle-stop tour of healthy eating including healthy eating tips to support body, mind and spirit throughout the coming festive season and New Year.

The Magic & Mystery of Stanton Drew Stone Circle – Talk by Gordon Strong

Among the many thousands of sacred monuments that once existed, the most interesting local example is in the village of Stanton Drew. This site exceeds the dimensions of Stonehenge. Gordon Strong is the author of 3 books about Stanton Drew and has spent many years exploring earth energies, local folklore, ritual and sacred geometry.