Past Local Events

These are some of the events that have recently been held in and around Glastonbury and publicised by Pilgrims.

Pamper Afternoon at Goddess Hall

Relaxing Mini Treatments: Reflexology, Ayurvedic Facial Massage, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Facials and Healing and lots more. FREE ENTRY.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Introduction to Numerology – Part 1′ – A talk by Richard Cullen

During this Numerology Taster session you will look briefly at the history of numerology and how numerology can help you. Each person will then have the opportunity to calculate their own life path and find out more about their personal vibrations in the current year.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Instant Manifestation: Use the Law of Attraction to Enjoy Life Now’ – A talk by Michael James

In this new interactive talk you will learn the specific practices that have worked again and again for so many others – and will work for you from Michael’s new book Instant Feeling Good.

The Avalonians, the Ariosophists, Nazi Occultism and the Magical Battle of Britain – a talk by Paul Weston at RBB

Paul will contrast the work of Avalonian Dion Fortune with the Ariosophists Guido von List, and Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels; Contrasting Glastonbury and Germany in the years leading in to the Great War, provides fascinating indications that the spiritual conflict that climaxed in 1940 began far earlier. A fascinating new talk at the Red Brick Building.

Wells Food Festival 2014

On Sunday 12 October Wells Food Festival returns once again to celebrate the best of Somerset’s wonderful local produce.

Abbey House Talk on the history of the Austin Family at Abbey House

Owen Mace the Great Grandson of James Austin visiting from Australia will be giving a talk on the history of the Austin Family at Abbey House. At Abbey House, 7pm for 7.30pm start. Entrance £5 on door to include a glass of wine. Tel 01458 831112 for more information.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Who on Earth am I?’ – A talk by Hazel Newton

Hazel will take us towards the phenomenon of hypnosis as a healing tool, that moves beyond the present life into past-life regression and life-between-life.

PRC Talk ‘The Passing of the Flame – Dion Fortune, W.E. Butler & the Way of High Magic’ with Ian Rees

A series of 8 themed but standalone talks taking the major themes of Dion Fortune’s work and exploring them as expressed through the work of W.E. Butler and Tom Oloman. The introductory talk to the series considers the passing of the flame from Dion Fortune to Ernest (W E) Butler, Tom Oloman and finally to Ian Rees. It will explore the nature of the Tree of Life as Rosetta Stone translating between inner and outer experience. It will consider also the fundamentals of Qabalistic High Magic and the Inner Teacher behind the work.

‘Angels, Archetypes and Nature Spirits’ – A talk by William Bloom

Throughout history and in all cultures we can find these mysterious beings. Are they real or imaginary? What do they mean for us today? William will present you with an inspiring perspective that is good for you and good for the planet.

Lighting the Tor – International Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day

In the evening the tower on top of Glastonbury Tor will be lit up in the bluish green colour of teal to mark Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day. It is the latest addition to other buildings and monuments throughout the world which will be similarly illuminated in the teal colour associated with the disease. See the website for a list of places worldwide to be illuminated.