Past Local Events

These are some of the events that have recently been held in and around Glastonbury and publicised by Pilgrims.

Goddess House Open Day

Listen to inspiring talks, take part in mini-workshops and be pampered with taster sessions.

Free talks and taster sessions from 11am and then every 30 minutes throughout the day

Glastonbury PLG ‘The Revolutionary New Remedies They Don’t Want You To Know About’ – with Clive de Carle

In Clive’s own words, ‘In essence, I study health and wellness while doctors study illness, drugs, radiation and surgery. Doctors do not study health and usually only spend half a day on the vital subject of nutrition. The benefits from vibrant good health are well-known to us all but few realize what the basic rules are and just how simple they are to follow’.

‘Ley Lines, Templars and Destiny Amid our England Landscape’ – A talk by Mark Herbert

Is it possible for soul relationships to be expressed as precise geometrical alignments along etheric pathways over Earth’s surface? Is it also feasible that the same soul associations can be depicted in sacred geometry upon the celestial sphere? What could any of these novel philosophies have to do with Midsummer’s Day, or the Cross of Light or the Knights Templar?

St. Patrick’s Day coffee Morning at Glastonbury Abbey

A special event in the Abbot’s Kitchen marking St. Patrick’s visit to the abbey in the 5th century.

Glastonbury PLG ‘A Southend Glastonbury Cremation Ground Mandala Initiation’ – with Paul Weston

This is an 18 certificate tale of how Shakti Kundalini does its thing in the modern world. It is shared in the certain knowledge that others are getting their own version and may appreciate encouragement.

PRC Talk ‘Dion Fortune and the Green and Ferny Way’ with Ian Rees

Session 6: ‘The Practice of Green Magic’.
‘Dion Fortune and the Green and Ferny Way’ is a series of 8 themed but standalone talks by Ian Rees that explore Dion Fortune’s approach to the Green Ray and consider how it manifests in her work and how it is still relevant to us today.
In this the sixth talk of the series, Ian will look at ‘Virgil’s Georgics and the art of planting and growing, weeding and feeding. Hearing and singing the poem of the land. Working with spring and summer autumn and winter’.

Glastonbury PLG ‘The Network of Wellbeing (NOW)’

Members of NOW will talk about ways in which, as individuals and as part of our Glastonbury community, we can make a genuine and significant difference to the wellbeing of ourselves and one another, our local environment, and our world.

Glastonbury Abbey – Mothering Sunday Special

Bring your mum to the abbey for free on Mothering Sunday. Offer valid for all mums accompanied by a full-paying adult or child.

PRC Talk ‘Basic Practical Magic – Drawing the Circle’ with Liz Williams

The first in a series of workshops designed to explore in some detail exactly why, and how, we do what we do in magical practice. Liz will be looking at the origins of the contemporary magical arts – but also considering whether, why and how they work​.

Glastonbury PLG ‘The Power of the Mind & the Wisdom of the Heart’ – with Toby Negus

We have within our mind, a God-like ability to create our life and give it meaning, we may think anything about anything we choose any reason for anything we do. We also have within our heart; a touchstone for what is truly important, for it is always our heart that we go to for our purpose in life. This inspiring and sometimes radical talk will draw from Toby’s book The Sacred You – how to be your own saviour