Events in and around Glastonbury

Glastonbury landscape

Events happening in the Glastonbury area this week, or the near future.

(Past events here)

‘The Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge’ – A talk by Maria Wheatley

Maria will talk of how Stonehenge once had a neolithic high queen who shared her looks of a long skull with the priesthood of malta and Egypt. Her people created some of the largest monuments in the prehistoric landscape. The Queen and her people were murdered and their kind was wiped out. Maria’s recent discovery has changed our understanding of the people who created the first British megalitic stone temples.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Soul Sounds ~ The Language of Creation ‘ – with Tareth

We all know the universal language of divine love because that is who we are. Tonight, Tareth will speak about his awakening to it and Celebrate it with you in a deeply healing meditation.

St. George’s Day

There is a legend that St. George visited Glastonbury and his feast day was celebrated in the town for hundreds of years. There was a chapel of St. George in the Abbey, there is a St. George’s Chapel in St. Johns and of course he gives his name to ‘The George Hotel’, now known as Read more …

Glastonbury PLG ‘What is at the heart of healing?’ – with Dr. Rosy Daniel

Tonight Dr Daniel will share inspirational stories of those that have healed cancer, identifying the specific holistic keys in each case that unlocked their healing potential. She will then offer each participant the opportunity to see their own mind, body, spirit and environmental balance and where vital changes can be made to prevent and reverse illness with her enlightening ‘Picture of Health’ self-assessment tool.

Glastonbury Abbey – Beetle Drive with Fish and Chip Supper

This is a Glastonbury Mayor’s Charity event supporting the abbey’s Rescue Our Ruins Appeal. Enjoy a night of fun, tension and laughter with a fund-raising Beetle Drive plus a Fish and Chip supper courtesy of Knights.

Glastonbury Beltane Celebrations

For a schedule of the Glastonbury Beltane festivities, further expanded for 2017, please open this article.

Chalice Well – Flowering (Beltane) Celebration

The gardens open at 6 am and we hold a morning meditation around the Beltane fire at 7 am. Maypole dancing is at 8:30 am, accompanied by live music. We will also gather at the well head for midday meditation until 12.30. FREE ADMISSION to the gardens 6 am to 12 pm

Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Garden Project – Planting the Medieval Kitchen Garden

As part of the project to create a medieval kitchen garden in the style once seen hundreds of years ago at Glastonbury Abbey, volunteers are needed to help with Planting the Medieval Kitchen Garden on Wednesday 3rd May. For full details and how to apply, click on the title above to open the full article.

Megalithomania 2017

The 2017 Megalithomania Conference is taking place at the Glastonbury Town Hall on 20th & 21st May. It is a two-day event with optional tours on 19th, 22nd, 23rd & 24th. Early-bird tickets available from the web-site.

Glastonbury Abbey – Abbey Wildlife Tour

Enjoy a Wildlife Tour of the abbey with one of the volunteers and discover the creatures who share the site. Normal admission applies.