Events in and around Glastonbury

Glastonbury landscape

Events happening in the Glastonbury area this week, or the near future.

(Past events here)

Glastonbury PLG ‘Into The Light’ – with Miguel Dean

This evening Miguel Dean will weave together his own inspirational story with that of humanity’s unfolding story at this pivotal time in our evolution.

Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Garden Project – Hurdle Making course

As part of the project to create a medieval kitchen garden in the style once seen hundreds of years ago at Glastonbury Abbey, volunteers are needed for a Hurdle Making course. For full details and how to apply, click on the title above to open the full article.

Glastonbury PLG ‘Deities that challenge mainstream concepts of Spirituality and Sexuality’ – with Martin Campbell

Martin’s talk will set in the context of the historical and modern World, the lost history of Gods, Goddesses and historical figures who did/do not conform to standard concept of spiritual sexuality (‘one man and one woman’).

Glastonbury PLG ‘Conscious Dreamer’ – with Jo Kenworthy

During this experiential evening, Jo will share her journey exploring the Mayan Wavespell. Open this full article for a fascinating full description.

‘Dartmoor Mindscapes’ – A talk by Peter Knight

Wessex Research Group host a talk by Peter Knight entitled ‘Dartmoor Mindscapes’. Peter uncovers the intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural features, with stone circles, stone rows, cairns and megaliths. Peter proposes how our prehistoric ancestors interacted with notable outcrops, simulacra, rock basins and propped stones

Glastonbury PLG ‘Art of Sacred Geometry The Flower of Life Revealed’ – with Louise Bellairs

What if the Flower of Life was, actually, a key to unlocking a whole system of information for the structure of life on this planet? An enlightening talk featuring two, stunningly animated, sacred geometry visualisation meditation films, that fully demonstrate what it feels like to experience Sacred Geometry as a language without words!

Glastonbury Abbey – Abbey Wildlife Tour

Enjoy a Wildlife Tour of the abbey with one of the volunteers and discover the creatures who share the site. Normal admission applies.

Chalice Well – Spring Equinox Celebration

Gather at the Well Head at 12 pm for celebration and meditation until 12:30. At 12:30 join around the fire on the Lower Lawn for informal ’conversation’.

Glastonbury PLG ‘The Hemptation of Free Love Cannabis Anniversary special – Celebrating 20 years of Hemp in Avalon

Once described as “one of the most valuable medicines we posses”, by Dr Reynolds (Queen Victoria’s personal physician), modern day science is discovering just how vital Cannabis is to the functioning of our bodies.

Glastonbury Abbey – Musical Variety Evening

This Glastonbury Mayor’s Charity event promises to be a rich medley of genres involving some of town’s most established and popular acts as well as some exciting new faces. There will be music from the likes of Vela, The Avalonian Free State Choir, Oska Zachy and more to be confirmed.