Events in and around Glastonbury

Glastonbury landscape

Events happening in the Glastonbury area this week, or the near future.

(Past events here)

Snowdrop Planting on Brides Mound

If anyone would like to help planting snow drops on the ridge field of Bride’s Mound, near the river on Saturday 19th April at 11.00am, meet by the gate or, if you are late, walk along the track to the ridge and then head over to the river bank where we are planting. Bring a trowel and picnic.

Medieval Fayre at Glastonbury Abbey

Jousting, archery & falconry. Free kid’s sword school & craft tent. Live music & much more.

PRC Talk ‘Sacred Space and the New Magic – Labyrinths’ with Sig Lonegren

See Labyrinth examples from around the world, learn how to make one, and get some ideas about how to use them.

‘What is Prana, Chi and Living on Light, does it really Exist?’ – A talk by Jacqueline Hobbs

In this talk Jacqueline will descibe the history of and academic research on, the energies named “prana” and ‘chi’ more recently developed into ideas of ‘living on light’.

Saint George & The Dragon Festival

The George Inn is hosting the first St. George & the Dragon Festival for hundreds of years.