Local Information

Glastonbury Pilgrim Reception Centre

The Pilgrim Reception Centre provides information and support for all Pilgrims to Glastonbury and defines as pilgrims, those visitors who are particularly interested in the sacred aspects of the place. Information available includes sacred spaces in Glastonbury and the local area, myths and history, the energies of Glastonbury and relevant spiritual paths as practiced in Glastonbury.


The Isle of Avalon

Detailing the life, atmosphere, people and traditions of Glastonbury, the Isle of Avalon Foundation website is a non-profit public service site founded in 1996. An inspirational portal into Glastonbury, it welcomes you to our home town. www.isleofavalon.co.uk


Glastonbury Tourist Information Centre


The Information Centre is housed in the Glastonbury Tribunal in the High Street.

Take time to visit and browse their range of quality souvenirs and books.

Visit the Lake Village Museum on the first floor.

Sit in the garden courtyard near the old stone well and American walnut tree.


Glastonbury Online

The Online Guide to Glastonbury. This site contains up to date information for both residents & visitors to Glastonbury and the surrounding area, ranging from how to get here to what to see when you arrive. They have also included some local history and links to the work of local photographers.


Glastonbury Town Council & Community Website

A community resource listing much local information