The Magic & Mystery of Stanton Drew Stone Circle – Talk by Gordon Strong

Wessex Reserch Group host a talk by Gordon Strong on ‘The Magic & Mystery of Stanton Drew Stone Circle’.

The Neolithic age saw the construction of long barrows, standing stones and stone circles. Among the many thousands of these sacred monuments that once existed, the most interesting local example is in the village of Stanton Drew. This site exceeds the dimensions of Stonehenge.

Gordon Strong is the author of 3 books about Stanton Drew and has spent many years exploring earth energies, local folklore, ritual and sacred geometry. He will share his observations and insights and offers the visitor to these sites vital clues for making their own inner connection to the British Mysteries.

Date: Tuesday 4th December 2012
Location: Avalon Constitiutional Club, 50 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset
Time: 7.30pm
Cost: £5.00 contribution.