‘The Belinus Line and the Fate of Albion’ – A talk by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare

Wessex Research Group host a talk by Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare on ‘The Belinus Line and the Fate of Albion’

Tonights speakers will talk about their experiences along Britains longest Ley Line called the Belinus Line which stretches from the Isle of Wight to the North coast of Scotland, from their latest book The Spine of Albion. This secret alignment connects 6 cities including the ancient capitals of England and Scotland, geographical centres of power and many famous prehistoric complexes. Having a natural ability to detect the yin and yang dragon force in the land the authors followed this north/south equivalent to the St. Michael line and discovered key places of power where the dragon lines crossed. The authors will talk about the significance of these places of power and how they have an influence on the past and the future of Albion.

Date: Tuesday 15th July 2014
Location: Avalon Constitiutional Club, 50 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset
Time: 7.30pm
Cost: £5.00 contribution.