PRC Talk ‘The Life & Magic of Dion Fortune – Dion Fortune and Avalon’ with Ian Rees

A series of talks intended to help us deeply consider the work and magic of Dion Fortune - a remarkable esoteric teacher who lived from 1890-1946. She took the ancient esoteric traditions of the Western Mystery Tradition, linked them with psychology and cast them in a form which makes them accessible and applicable to the stresses and struggles of modern life. 

Each talk stands alone but together create a memory palace which enables us to link with the different facets of her work. There will be an experiential component to each talk that will help you to find your own connection and relationship to her work.

Glastonbury was her principal centre and she felt that here was the meeting of Pagan and Christian traditions and the doorway into a New Age and Way of Being. Reference will also be made to the work of W. E. Butler – one of her principal students and Ian Rees’ teacher.

In this session, we will contemplate her relationship with Glastonbury and the traditions of Avalon. We will pay particular attention to the Arthurian Formulaand the archetypal image of the City/Island Atlantis and consider how the Arthurian archetypes illuminate the deep places of the Soul and the Inner Worlds.

Tuesday 22nd April
The Avalon Room (Glastonbury Experience)
Doors open 7pm. Talk begins promptly at 7.30pm