PRC Talk ‘The Enneagram: Its spiritual history and modern use’ with Stephen Tanham & Sue Vincent

Gurdjieff brought the Enneagram to the West in 1912.  Since then its use has expanded beyond the Fourth Way tradition.  Modern esoteric psychology employs its dynamic structure to reveal the way our minds grew from their early beginnings and to point the way home to Being, itself.

The evening will reveal the modern history of the Enneagram from its emergence in pre-revolution Russia onwards; and will speculate on its more remote history as one of the legendary “seals” that were reserved for initiates in those ancient times. We will also explore the question of whether the modern popularity of the enneagram has been achieved at the expense of its sacred roots.

Thursday 5th June
Avalon Room (Glastonbury Experience)
Doors open 7pm. Talk begins promptly at 7.30pm