PRC Talk ‘Sacred Space and the New Magic – What is this New Magic?’ with Sig Lonegren

Sacred Space and the New Magic is a series of three talks from Sig Lonegren.
Labyrinths – 22nd April
A Glastonbury Mythtory – 27th May
What is this New Magic? – 24th June

In the final talk, ‘What is this New Magic?’ Sig will propose that The New Magic is about the shifting of consciousness.  At the middle of the Mesolithic (6500 BCE), God was a woman.  She was worshipped in matrifocal cultures around the world.  Using their intuition, people had direct connections with their Deity of Choice.  But around 4000 BCE, with the Agricultural Revolution and due to climate changes and the desertification from the Gobi to the Sahara, the Patriarchy began to take hold.  In Greece, there was a concerted effort to become more rational, and it was capped off by the Romans.  For that past two thousand years, Western Man’s left analytical brain reigned more and more supreme.

But in the last quarter of the 20th Century, in some places, the pendulum began to swing back toward the right.  Glastonbury was one of these places, and by the mid-eighties, the New Age was happening!  Sadly, like many new movements, even the term New Age was denigrated by those who were threatened by implications of this movement.  “Alternative” became an acceptable code word for this shift back to a less than totally left brain.  The term I use for this New Magic, this new consciousness, is “gnowing” – using both sides of our brains – analytical and intuitive – and valuing both equally.

It is high time for a change!  We just cannot go on the way we’ve been going with the incredible divisiveness that seems to rule our world today.  Let’s explore together the ramifications of this mode of thinking and where it might lead us.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

Tuesday 24th June
Glastonbury Town Hall
Doors open 7pm. Talk begins promptly at 7.30pm