PRC Talk ‘Sacred Space and the New Magic – Labyrinths’ with Sig Lonegren

Sacred Space and the New Magic is a series of three talks from Sig Lonegren:
Labyrinths – 22nd April
A Glastonbury Mythtory – 27th May
What is this New Magic? – 24th June

In the first of these, ‘Labyrinths’, Sig will show examples from around the world, explain how to make one, and give some ideas about how to use them.

Labyrinths, single-path magical tools, have been around for thousands of years, and they are located all over the world from Indonesia to Peru, from Hopi land in Arizona to Sweden where there are more pre-modern ones than anywhere else on our planet. There is no correct way to walk a labyrinth. They are wonderful meditational tools; children love to run them and in the Middle Ages, monks crawled them on their knees. In Sweden, up until the beginning of the last century, fishermen walked them to ensure a good catch and a good wind; the Swedes used them as Troll catchers to keep them from coming on the boats and interfering with their catch.

Tuesday 22nd April
Glastonbury Town Hall
Doors open 7pm. Talk begins promptly at 7.30pm