PRC talk – ‘Animal, Mineral, Vegetable – how the earth energies manifest themselves to those who have eyes to see’

Rev. Sig Lonegren will present this fascinating subject.

Dowsing has shown an interesting correlation between some of the Earth Energies and the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms. Deer bed down over crossings of veins of primary water, ants build their nests over them and apple trees lean out over similar veins – there are several examples on the right hand side of the A361 between Millfield’s Preparatory school, Edgarley, and West Pennard. As far as the mineral kingdom is concerned, one of the most interesting examples is simulacra. it seems amazing, but one finds boulders with natural likenesses in many sacred spaces. Avebury is especially fill of them. Sig will show you many more examples so you can begin to read Nature in new ways, and can – in effect – dowse with your eyes.

Location: Glastonbury Town Hall
Time: 7pm for 7.30 start
Entry £5.00

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