NEW – One year course in Nature Magic

This year long (8 weekend) course with tutor Manon Tromp through the Celtic Wheel of the Year will be guiding and supporting you on your individual path to find your own magical self by interacting with nature and the energies of the earth.

On this course you will learn:

  • To discover your magical power and talents.
  • To develop your ability to interact with the natural world: the elements, the moon, the stars and all nature beings.
  • Understanding the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the different energy of the eight seasons.
  • To work with Celtic traditions and to perform rituals and ceremonies.
  • Divination, connecting to the other world and the unseen.
  • To develop your healing power and talents.

Course Price

Full price: £950.

Course Dates

  • Weekend 1: Imbolc 9/10th February 2013
  • Weekend 2: Spring Equinox 16/17 March 2013
  • Weekend 3: Beltane 4/5 May 2013
  • Weekend 4: Summer Solstice 22/23 June 2013
  • Weekend 5: Lammas 3/4 August 2013
  • Weekend 6: Autumn Equinox 21/22 September 2013
  • Weekend 7: Samhain 9/10 November 2013
  • Weekend 8: Winter Solstice 14/15 December 2013
Full details available from the web site below