Homo Divinicus: The Shape Of Things To Come – a PLG evening

Presented by Chris Bourne.

There has probably been more expectancy around the year 2012 than any other date in human history.

Assuming the world has not already slipped off into some terminal abyss, or if we have not yet all ascended into some heavenly nirvana, life goes on!

Perhaps now as 2013 begins the real evolutionary work can commence. So what will the coming years look like for humanity?

What is our true destiny? How can we become the fully multidimensional beings we were always meant to be?

How and why was that gift stolen from us and how can we reclaim it?

Chris will be talking about the next evolution for mankind – what he believes will be “Homo Divinicus”

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Date: Wednesday 9th January 2013
Location: Town Hall (Small room)
Time: 7pm – 10pm (Talk commences 7.30pm)
Cost: £5.00 including refreshments.