Glastonbury Thorn Community Day Saturday 26th January

The Glastonbury Thorn is an internationally significant tree to many people; the event, to which all in the community are invited to attend, offers a simple but key statement showing that the branches of the Glastonbury Thorn all grow from one stem. The message of Unity through Diversity recognises that whilst we might all be different and go in our own direction, we are all part of the same source, stretching towards the same sky with our roots in the same earth.

The day is centred on Glastonbury Town Hall where there will be music and celebration, leaving for a time for the planting of the tree and the Pole.

The agenda is:

1.30pm Converge on the Town Hall (Free entry)
Llisten to the enchanting and timeless sounds of the harp
played by John Dalton
whilst enjoying refreshments from the
Wizard Cafe & Bar 
and socialising with your community.

2.30pm  A simple opening ceremony will begin at 2.30pm and
Caroline Uchima, Director (UK) of the World Peace Prayer Society
will tell us all about the Peace Pole Project.

The special candles in Glastonbury,
the Glastonbury Unity Candle, the Glastonbury World Peace Candle (as presented as a gift to The Queen from the people of Glastonbury in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee), the Peace Flame, the Avalon Flame, the Brighid Flame and the Hope Candle 
will be gathered together in a wonderful display on the stage.

From the warmth of the Town Hall, we shall process to the planting site by the Glastonbury bench followed by returning to the Town Hall for more community networking, refreshments, warming soup and music from…
The Avalonian Free State Choir
Tim Hall & The Archetypes