Glastonbury PLG ‘Silence, Sound & its Origin and the Power and Expression of the Word’ – A talk by Paula Brookes

From nothing and everything, from “the ubiquitous point with no mathematical dimensions” comes our world, its creatures, and everything that exists, gross and subtle…the mystery of mysteries.

From silence to sound and the vibration of all things  – from sound to the word, its power and expression.

The presentation, using slides, video and song, draws on my own knowledge and experience (however limited) and the work of such luminaries as:


Sir John Woodroffe

Hans Jenny

Max Planck

Manari Ushigua Kaji

Rudolf Steiner

Dr Emoto and

Irena Tweedie (my most beloved teacher)


Many words and many languages – where do they come from, these words and sounds, singing the nature and prayers of a people, encouraging crops to grow, soothing the afflicted, birthing images, stories, poetry, inspiring peace, inciting war, put to song in the universal language of music … singing to each other, to our animals and to the land itself?

They say that each of us has a note, and without that note the orchestra of the universe would not be complete.

What’s in a word? a ray of hope?  a poisoned dart? what can we not create with words? we, the created, made in the Creator’s image?

Subtle discoveries are being made all the time, and East continues to meet West through science, philosophy, travel and shared experiences.

The presentation is an exploration of Plenty of Nothin’, which, though hardly the intention of the songwriter, does rather seem succinctly to apply to everything that exists …



Date: Wednesday 17th September 2014

Location: Town Hall (Small room)
Time: 7pm – 10pm (Talk commences 7.30pm)
Cost: £5.00 including refreshments.