Glastonbury PLG ‘Environmental Damage – What you need to know’ – A talk by Ian Pridmore

Many know I am an Earth-Angel, but do not know as part of my mission for the Divine, I was ‘placed’ (almost like in an espionage story) in the role of Senior Enforcement Officer for the Environment Agency dealing with criminal activities relating to Toxic and Clinical waste.   In my talk I will be telling some truths of the disposal of these highly dangerous Chemicals and Drugs that is kept from the media and public and using some shocking cases to show terrible risks and damages to people and the Environment that will be inherited for decades and still goes on today.

I will show how the Divine gave me tools to make a difference in very sensitive areas.   I will invite questions from the audience on Landfill, Incineration, Pollution, Hidden Waste Sites and subjects raised in the talk.

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Date: Wednesday 28th May 2014

Location: Town Hall (Small room)
Time: 7pm – 10pm (Talk commences 7.30pm)
Cost: £5.00 including refreshments.