Glastonbury PLG ‘A New World in the Making’ – A talk by Victoria Gater

People everywhere are waking up and long for change, convinced that a better world is possible.  Awaited by people of all faiths and none, Maitreya, the World Teacher, is here to inspire us to re-build our world.  He says: “Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts.  From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars.  Now, My friends, shall we anchor them in the world”.

Maitreya, the World Teacher, and head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, is awaited by religious groups under different names.  He is the teacher for all people, religious and non-religious alike.  He comes as a modern man concerned with modern problems, not as a religious leader but as an educator in the broadest sense, inspiring the creation of freedom, justice and democracy.  His message can be summarized as: “Share and save the world”.

For those who seek signs of His coming, Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom have manifested miracles worldwide, touching the hearts of millions, preparing them for His imminent appearance.

This talk is based on the lectures and books of Benjamin Creme, of Share International Foundation, whose role has been to prepare a sceptical world for this extraordinary event.  Millions have heard his message of hope and wait expectantly for Maitreya’s public appearance and the transformation of the world that this will bring.

Victoria Gater, a lifelong student of esotericism and Share International co-worker, will talk about these current unfolding events, putting them in the context of the Ageless Wisdom teachings which inform us of the innate divinity and interconnectedness of all life.

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Date: Wednesday 7th May 2014

Location: Town Hall (Small room)
Time: 7pm – 10pm (Talk commences 7.30pm)
Cost: £5.00 including refreshments.